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NEW ZEALAND is a lifestyle country and has much to offer in terms of providing easily accessible and world class education and a good life. It is a truly multicultural country with migrants from all over the world.

NEW ZEALAND is a young country, but by no measure small in making a difference to scientific inventions and research which includes maybe finding a cure for cancer! The University of Auckland and Auckland University of Technology are amongst some of the universities where research is conducted for scientific advancements through funding from major multinational companies all over the world. The education system in NEW ZEALAND is based on learning objectives and students are encouraged to understand, analyze and apply their knowledge in the real world. This is the reason behind the confidence the multinational companies have in the NZ education system to conduct research projects in a professional manner and to the highest standards. The University of Auckland is one of six "world class" NEW ZEALAND universities to have made the top 200 in the newest world university rankings, which were released in 2012. The University of Auckland led the way ranking 83rd, followed by the University of Otago at 133, University of Canterbury 221, Victoria University 237, Massey University 308 and the University of Waikato on 374. The NEW ZEALAND government is keen to promote their education services to prospective students and is highly responsive to the changing needs of global communities and international business.

New Zealanders are very friendly and hospitable people with a lively interest in other cultures. An education here is frequently the beginning of lifelong friendships. NEW ZEALAND is a rich mix of cultures – including Maori, Pakeha (European descent), Asian and Pacific people. An increasing number of African and Latin American people also call NEW ZEALAND home.

NEW ZEALAND's education system is based on the prestigious British system. NZ offers world-class facilities, resources and teaching staff, and the qualifications are valued and transferable throughout the world. NEW ZEALAND universities offer courses from certificate to doctorate level. Polytechnics offer courses from certificate level, with some offering full degree along with postgraduate studies. Private training establishments offer certificate and diploma qualifications, usually in practical subjects like hospitality, hotel management and management.

There is strict quality control by the Ministry of Education and NEW ZEALAND Qualifications Authority which ensures a consistently high standard of education wherever in NEW ZEALAND you choose to study. In NEW ZEALAND universities, courses are delivered by respected teaching and research staff, even at first year level. Most university staff combines research and teaching. NEW ZEALAND is known for high-quality teaching which will make you even more attractive to employers and open up exciting post-graduate opportunities.


Population: 4.3 million

Life expectancy: 78 years

Seasons/Climate: NEW ZEALAND has four quite distinct seasons - Spring (Sept-Nov), Summer (Dec-Feb), Autumn / Fall (Mar-May) and Winter (June-Aug). In summer the temperatures are warm, but never more than 30 degrees and there is a lot of sunshine encouraging sports and activities in and around water. In winter there is snow on the mountains providing excellent skiing. No wonder NEW ZEALAND is classes as one of the top countries for outdoor activities

Currency and Banking: The NEW ZEALAND currency is made up of dollars and cents. Most banks are open from 9.00am to 4.30pm weekdays and are closed on weekends and public holidays.

Holidays: Apart from national holidays, educational institutions are closed on Saturday and Sunday. The main school holidays are from early December to late January. School terms are usually for a period of ten weeks followed by two week holidays in April, July and September.

Television/Radio/Newspapers: As an English speaking country all media is in English. There are 3 main television channels and some satellite channels are also available. NEW ZEALAND has numerous AM/FM radio stations, both national and regional. Daily newspapers are produced throughout the country. The video system is PAL.

Property: Average prices are above $400,000 –there are reasonable renting options and flatting is quite common.

Employment: Limited in rural NZ, but lots of opportunities for anyone with a skill set ranging from electricians, plumbers and neurosurgeons.

Healthcare: One of the best healthcare systems in the world.

Crime: Very low

Lifestyle: A typical weekend could include kayaking, fly fishing, mountain biking or walking on some of the world's most celebrated hiking tracks.

The people New Zealanders are straight-talking, generous and friendly people

Countryside: Epic

How easy to get in? New Zealand government is always looking for skilled migrants in different sectors, so if you have the rights skills and with guidance provided by a licensed Immigration Adviser, it would be easy to get residence!