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To study further in a foreign university of good repute is a dream that most children have, only some can achieve and even fewer still have the right combination of course of choice and Institution of preference. It with this in mind Higher Studies NZ has been incepted, with a view to increasing the number and percentage of students who can make NZ their preferred destination to make their dream come true. International students have a plethora of options open to them and they are taking to studying abroad to increase their acumen and quench their thirst for knowledge. on completion of study ,  there is a pathway to work and reside permanently  if you are interested and meet the immigration requrements.

Higher Studies NZ is aimed at recognising potential students who wish to study in NZ, assisting them in processing their applications and paving a way for their future. To choose a University of repute is one thing, but the hassle of applications that comes with it and the abundance of paperwork prove to be a daunting task. We at Higher Studies NZ recognize the need for reducing the stress that students face in processing their paperwork. With this in mind, we guide students to collate all necessary documentation acting as a quality management system for documentation and a middle point of communication between the University and the Student. Hassle free documentation!!!

We further assist the students in preparing their application for their student visas. What makes Higher Studies NZ then different from others is the fact that we provide all these services to the student for no cost whatsoever! We believe in the growth and augmentation of the academic life of a student and we're not about monetary gain only. We provide additional services to the student once they arrive, to help them settle down in a country alien to them initially and what ultimately could be their home.The CEO of the company is a warranted ex Immigration Officer who has worked with Immigration NEW ZEALAND and has gained useful and valuable knowledge of immigration matters. The CEO of the company being a Licensed Immigration Advisor not only provides advice for student visas but also representation in the event that the student visa is declined. Such representation is free of charge as well.The only cost that the student has to bear is the cost of the application fee payable directly to Immigration NEW ZEALAND and the tuition fee payable directly to the education provider, making it not just a cost saving venture for the student but one that is nurtured with the right intent. There may be others providing immigration services world over, Higher Studies NZ is in fact an organisation with a difference: One that provides a service with utmost care and concern. Once again, it is not about the money, but the betterment of the student and his life to come: For the love of potential, for the growth of the future, and for the betterment of ours and our children's tomorrow.

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